Spring Storm

Le Poison
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1 Storm
2 rubygrapefruit 00:06:02
3 ONIBI chan
4 Just came 00:03:38
5 Secret
6 Finally

A friend of mine had to move out of his apartment. It was located behind a fruit and vegetable market, and was a quiet four-story concrete building. His room was on the top floor, and there was no one living next door or downstairs. We decided to use the room as a studio since he had a month to spare before he moved out. When I told this to my friends around me, the current members of la poison reacted. (John no son, Tateishi, wrote a recommendation that you can read here.

The members of le poison gathered at the apartment without making any decisions. Recording equipment was brought in, and we made a meal out of abandoned cooking utensils. There were no curtains, the air conditioner was broken, and the balcony was submerged in rainwater. The washing machine was disposed of with Jimoti , Apps for dealing with unwanted items ,while we recorded.

After recording six songs, we vacated the empty room.

I had taken the liberty of giving this room a name.


"Osawa Arigato Studio in Shinjuku"

One evening, while I was eating at a typical chain Chinese restaurant, an old lady sitting next to me spoke to me. The entrance to the restaurant was open for ventilation, letting in the spring breeze. "It's nice when it's open," she said. She seemed to be suffering from a bad knee, and was probably on her way back from a checkup at the nearby university hospital. When I told her that I had just moved here, she said that the area was very comfortable to live in. Apparently, she lives in Mogusaen. I've never been to Mogusaen before.

Another day, I was in the Seiyu supermarket, browsing through the wall-to-wall miso section, when a woman who seemed to have already decided what she wanted quickly picked out one miso and put it in her basket. Without a second thought, I asked her, "Is it good?" The woman looked a little surprised and said, "Yes, well..." as she walked away.

A few days ago, on my way home from seeing a movie in Shibuya, I was walking alone around the Tokyu Main Store with my earphones in, when an old lady sitting on the side of the road asked me, "Can I have 100 yen?" I had just seen the movie. Since I had just seen the movie and was vaguely thinking about its contents (it was a well-received movie, but it didn't really touch my heart), I couldn't respond immediately, so I clasped my hands together in a gesture of apology and walked past her. On the way to the station, I thought about going back and giving him some money, but I wanted to escape the atmosphere of Shibuya, so I left. I felt like such a hypocrite, but the thought of that moment still haunts me.

When I write "Le Poison" in hiragana, it sounds like the name of an old coffee shop. And while thinking about the things I just wrote, I've been listening to the music Tetsuo sent me since last week. All the songs sound like they are celebrating freedom, or else they sound like they are being tormented by something like freedom. The music sounded familiar to me from the first time I heard it, but at the same time, I felt that it was a new song from a new band.

There are times when I can talk to people with a natural feeling, and there are times when I can talk to people with a natural feeling, and there are times when I feel good but they don't, and vice versa. Regret never ends, but I wonder if there is a kind of goodness in our unaligned hearts and timing. I vaguely wondered if that kind of goodness is "Le Poison".

-Norio Fukuda(Sweet Dreams Press)

In case sniper shooting, first of all, the thing needed to confirm is "wet or oily ammunition". Are bullets really dry, wet or oily? And as the second to check, "through heat haze or not"; *Kagerou no umu* in Japanese language. then as the third, which we must know, is "inefficient zero"; asking yourself whether you are doing what you should do, or in other words, whether you are not doing what you shouldn't do, that is to say, blowing bubbles with a straw while drinking milk is one possible case, while you are doing what you shouldn't do, inevitably misjudgement occurs, in another way to say, operation goes wrong. Penalty will be imposed with your own as a sniper's life.

With oversized black shirt & baggy black trousers, also as the buttons on were brown, Seen from here, up from the escalator, it looked as if wearing Japanese traditional male school uniform. Above all, covering under his nose with a mask that was green on the left, white in the middle, and red on the right which were exactly the same color pattern with Italian national flag, the man leaned against a pillar outside the ticket gate waving his hand. before long, a woman running up to him, and she was slinging her hand bag on her right shoulder which seems to be a complimentary gift given from the Fire and Disaster Management Agency and on its surface, youthful epigrams that won out prestigious competition were printed with two-heads-tall firefighter mascot character smiling and standing by a ladder truck.

"Don't put out ♪ the silver lining"

With my left hand putting on a banister, caring with shooting distance, I laid myself down with bending my knees. As a math teacher whose teeth always with filthy plaque and when she said "Parallelogram" with spitting a lot and I got some on my right eye I can clearly remember as just happened yesterday taught me, my specialty "shallow hopelessness" again deprived me of my emotions. In the same way, the third-person singular lurking everywhere, each of them has been sick and exhausted with losing whole

their passion, deary enthusiasm with no subtle hints and in unexpected opportunities. Centrifugal biceps can destroy anything, but spearing them with fingertip like squashing tomatoes and it's juice dripping down into lower reach, gathering with glittering, and forming individuality, Aren't you the same?

listening to *le poison*

-Sota Tateishi(Jon no son)

Anyway,on the way there from the station, there is a delicious Banh Mi restaurant we love.

-Tetsuo Imanari






〈Osawa Arigato Studio in Shinjuku〉







狙撃に影響を与えるのは、まず第一に "wet or oily ammunition" 弾薬の状態がドライなのか、ウェットなのか、オイリーなのか、次に "through heat haze or not" 陽炎の有無、そして第三の要因として忘れてはならないのが、 "inneficient zero" やるべきことをやっているか、言い換えれば、やるべきではないことをやっていないか、であり、例えばストローでコップの中をぶくぶくさせたり、やるべきではないことをやっていると必ず問題が起こり、また問題が起こるということは、作戦が失敗し、その対価をスナイパー自身の命で支払うということになる。


「消さないで ♪ 注意の火」

左手を手すりに置いたまま自分の射程距離だけを忘れずに膝を折って伏せていてた私は、小学校4年生の時にある算数教師(常に歯垢がたまっていて、彼女が「平行四辺形」と言った時に飛んだ唾が私の右目に入ったのを昨日の事の様に覚えている)から指摘を受けた通り、得意の「浅い絶望」に今日も表情を奪われていた。 同じようにそこかしこに潜む三人称単数現在の、それぞれが、興も根も尽きかけたところの、露骨なほのめかしと不意の拍子に囃された、殺風景のあまりの熱中。





Le poison ぽあぞん are:

Imanari Tetsuo 今成哲夫 (Vo., Gt., Banjo, Key., Cho.)

Rei Sato 佐藤玲 (Vo., Gt., Cho.)

Corneli コルネリ (Vo., Gt., Pianica, Snare, Cho.)

Tencomatsuri てんこまつり (Vo., Oboe, Mandolin, Key., Cho.)

Tomoaki Saito 斉藤友秋 (Gt., Mandolin, Flute, Cho.)

1.Storm あらし (Song, Lyrics T.Imanari) 

2.rubygrapefruit (Song, Lyrics: Corneli) 

3.ONIBI chan 鬼火ちゃん (Song: Tencomatsuri) 

4.Just came (Song: T.Imanari, Lyrics: T.Imanari, R.Sato)

5.Secret ひみつ (Song, Lyrics: R.Sato) 

6.Finally ついに (Song: Corneli)

Recorded at oasis, The Saito’s place

Recording, Mixing and Mastering by T.Saito

Painting by Kei Osawa 大沢景

Designed by Corneli

Translation Helping by Ryo Okada 岡田了