About Us

Minna Kikeru was started by majikick and Toshizo Shinohara in collaboration with Moto, Takashi Ueno and our friends in 2020.
Planning for the site had been happening for some time and it seemed almost fatalistic that the Covid-19 crisis would come and speed up the need for its completion.
The aim of the site is to provide access to Japanese and related independent music, which has been relatively hard to find, and to help a range of artists and independent labels create a sustainable future.
It is our hope that people enjoy the site and find some positive inspiration from what they find!

Members : Saya, Toshizo Shinohara, Takashi Ueno, Motokazu Furukawa, Peter Josef Head, Ken Manabe, Kanako Ueda, Satomi Endo, Yusuke Ezawa, Hiyoko Hasegawa