Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Gather About You?

1. Information You Voluntarily Give Us That Is Essential For The Provision Of Services

The personal information we collect is the email address and account credentials required for membership registration, product purchase history, and payment history. Once you’re registered, we assign you a unique ID number. This ID number helps us recognize you when you’re signed in.

Payment history records what and when you purchased it, and at what price, tied to the user ID for each transaction. The credit card information you enter for payment is handled only through encrypted request on the server of the payment service, and does not pass through our service and is not collected.

Unless we have your explicit consent, we will use your personal information only for the purpose of providing our services (including entrusting the handling of personal information to third parties to the extent necessary for that purpose), and will not use it for any other purpose, or disclose, transfer, sell, rent, or exchange it with any third party. We promise not to use the information for any other purpose, or to disclose, transfer, sell, lend, or exchange it with any third party. We promise not to use the information for any other purpose or to disclose, transfer, sell, rent, or exchange the information with any third party. However, we may disclose the information to a third party when ordered by law.

2. Non-personally Information Collected Automatically

In order to improve our services, we may collect non-personally identifiable, statistical information. For example, the URL requested when accessing a web page is automatically recorded, along with the date and time of the request and the browser software used. This statistical information may be provided to reputable third parties for the sole purpose of improving our services.

When To Collect Personal Information

In principle, our service will collect your personal information in the following cases

  1. When you register as a member.
  2. When you send us a message via our contact form.
  3. When you send e-mail to us.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?

  • To ensure that your personal information is protected over the Internet communication path, we use SSL to encrypt the communication.
  • We implement security-conscious technologies whenever possible, and take measures to prevent damage from unauthorized access, etc.

However, there is no such thing as absolutely secure security. We strongly recommend that you use a password that is as complex and long as possible, and that is different from the ones you use for other services.

Procedures for disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information

You can view and change your information from "My Page".

About Cookie

This service uses a browser feature called "cookies" to assign member IDs; cookies allow this service to identify your computer and link it to your user information so that you can use the service. Cookies must be enabled on your browser in order to use the Service.

How Can You Contact Us?

If you have any questions, contact us at here.

Minna Kikeruで収集するあなたの情報と利用方法

1. サービス提供のために不可欠な個人情報

Minna Kikeru(以下、当サービス)で保存される個人情報は会員登録に必要なメールアドレスと、商品の購入履歴、決済履歴になります。会員登録された際は会員情報にユニークなIDが割り振られ、ログイン時に個人の識別のため用いられます。



2. サービスを向上させるための、個人を特定できない統計的な情報




  1. あなたが会員登録を行う場合
  2. あなたがお問い合わせフォームからメッセージを送信される場合
  3. あなたがMinnaKikeruにe-mailを送信する場合


  • あなたの個人情報がインターネット通信経路で保護されるよう、SSLを用いて通信を暗号化しています。
  • セキュリティに配慮した技術を可能な限り導入し、不正アクセス等からの被害を防ぐ施策を行っています。







このプライバシーポリシーに関するお問い合わせは、Minna Kikeru事務局まで、こちらからお送りください。