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1 View From The B 00:10:19
2 Second Hand Bass Guitar Electric 00:07:47
3 Ronri 00:08:35
4 Freaky Rider Magical Beat 00:09:54
5 & My Mechanical Friend 00:07:06


1990年代後期、卓越したテクニックを持つエンジニアとして、そしてインプロバイザーとして知られるギタリスト・西川文章を中心に、ドラムの井上秀樹やベースの田川雅康と共に大阪市立大学周辺でスタート、今はなき、伝説のオルタナティヴ・スペース、新世界ブリッジをメインの活動の場所にしていた彼らは、メンバーにpopoの山本信記、そして謎・電子音楽家としても活動する森山ふとしらをメンバーに加えながら、『No New York』を想起させるエッジの効いた音に独特のユーモアとシニカルなアイディアを振るかけ始める。田川のうねりまくるベースライン、井上のタイトでありながら、バックビートの効いたリズム、森山のアイディアあふれるギタートーン、スライドトランペットでおどけた旋律とチープな電子音を奏でる山本。そして、核となる西川は、持ち味でもあるエッジーなギターはそこそこに、コンダクターのようにサウンド全体を確認し続ける。



Kakitsubata is a miracle in Osaka that continues to this day. Many people don't know about them. However, they have continued to play this kind of sound, calmly and robustly.

In the late 1990s, Kakitsubata started in the vicinity of Osaka City University with Hideki Inoue on drums and Masayasu Tagawa on bass, led by Bunsho Nishikawa, a guitarist known as an engineer and improviser with outstanding technique, and played mainly at the now defunct Shinsekai Bridge, a legendary alternative space. The band's first act was to add popo's Nobuki Yamamoto and Futoshiro Moriyama, who is also an electronic musician, to their roster, and they began to apply their unique humor and cynical ideas to an edgy sound reminiscent of "No New York". Tagawa's swirling bass line, Inoue's tight but back-beating rhythms, Moriyama's inventive guitar tones, and Yamamoto's slide trumpet creating silly melodies and cheap electronic sounds. Nishikawa, the core of the band, continues to check the overall sound like a conductor, playing his signature edgy guitar for just a few moments.

This is the only music in the world where the coolness, which is the complete opposite of the high heat sound you can hear, consistently drifts in the air. It's a post-rock sound, but it's not an imitation of something else, it's a spontaneous, unique groove and humor that is fun and striking.

It's a powerful sound that transcends time and space and lives on.

1. View From The B

2. Second Hand Bass Guitar Electric

3. 論理

4. Freaky Rider,Magical Beat

5. & My Mechanical Friends

Kakitubata are

Bunsho Nishikawa guitar

Futoshi Moriyama guitar, sampler

Nobuki Yamamoto trumpet , slide trumpet , synthesizer

Masayasu Tagawa bass

Hideki Inoue drums

Recorded by Bunsho Nishikawa at Bridge , Osaka 2007 August

Thanks to Bridge , Domon Cable

Art Work 

Takashi Ueno


Akinobu Oda(map)