bird feed ers

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1 a comforting thought 00:03:03
2 a falling forwards 00:02:32
3 a mood but in overcast 00:01:43
4 a woodgrain 00:02:31
5 a long week and a small leak and something to wade in 00:03:18
6 a kingfisher 00:02:55

birdfeeders by Connor Emerson from Massachusetts, who has lived in Kagoshima for two years, arrived.

Their song was submitted to the series our radio program 'Kikeru Radio #8 Special' and was introduced.

They enjoy incorporating nature and found sounds into their music, often recording the sounds of everyday life. Sometimes there is a story to the music, usually it is just something to drift away to. Often swaying from dense, textured, and layered music to open and sparse, there is an attempt for a familiar theme in the music.

Some musical influences include Bibio, Tenniscoats, The Books, and Yuko Ikema. 


シリーズネ ットラジオ'Kikeru Radio #8 Special’ に初音源投稿され、紹介されました。

彼らは自然や発見された音を音楽に取り入れることを楽しみ、しばしば日常生活の音を録音しています。時に音楽に物語があることもありますが、通常はただ漂うだけのものです。濃密でテクスチャーのある重層的な音楽から、開放的でまばらな音楽へと変化することが多く、音楽の中には馴染みのあるテーマを試みている。音楽的な影響を受けたアーティストには、Bibio、テニスコーツ、The Books、池間由布子などがいる。


“bird feed ers” was recorded in Kagoshima, Japan in the Spring and early Summer of 2020 using a small nylon string guitar, a few samplers, and many walks around the city. I wanted it to feel like the people I was with and the places we were in.

There are sounds from around Kagoshima, such as an early Summer rainstorm, Sakurajima’s loudspeaker, friends drinking at カフェ凡、and students practicing alto recorder.

I was an English teacher at a few Junior High Schools.


At one school, I would teach guitar to students during free time. Usually 4 or 5 students, but if it was raining outside, more students joined and it became very lively - students playing piano, alto recorder, guitar, and singing. I wanted to capture that feeling and put it into a bottle to save. 

At another school, I would join the percussion students for jam sessions during free time. We would switch between bongos, congas, drum kits, and marimba. This movement throughout the day always left us laughing and energized.

My last school was on Sakurajima. When school was finished, I would wander around the island, exploring old shrines, following the birds, and watching the water lap against the boats and the shore. It was very quiet and peaceful with a sleeping mountain always under one's feet.

These feelings wrote "bird feed ers"

“A kingfisher” (川蝉)was recorded in のら, my friend Akiko’s home and bar.

My dear friend Taku Wada played のら’s piano.

"bird feed ers "は、2020年の春から初夏にかけて鹿児島で、小さなナイロン・ストリングス・ギターと数本のサンプラー、そして何度も街を歩き回って録音されました。一緒にいた人たちや、その場所にいるような感じにしたかったんだ。






そんな思いが "鳥の餌やり "を書きました。

"A kingfisher"(川蝉)は、友人のアキコの自宅兼バーのらで録音された。