Tara Jane O'Neil and Kazumi Nikaido

Tara Jane O'Neil and Kazumi Nikaido
Sweet Dreams Press
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1 Lullaby 03:46
2 Bell and Pop 01:37
3 Ruh Roh 04:14
4 Naturally 01:50
5 Nursery 05:36
6 Riceball 01:40
7 Thumb Drum 02:09
8 Kaheeloud 02:01
9 4 Trains 04:03
10 Say Yah 04:36
11 Nikapella 04:09
12 Melodica Hall 02:14
13 Temple Lullaby 02:35
14 In Car 01:45
15 Dragonfly 01:54
16 Roller 02:21
17 4 Trains Temple 02:48

In 2002, Tara Jane O'Neil toured Japan for the first time with Daniel Littleton of Ida. Five more tours to Japan ensued over the next decade, which captivated each audience member across the country with her impassioned performances. Although she has shared the bill with numerous Japanese singers and performers, Kazumi Nikaido has shared the stage more than any other musician in Japan. On O'Neil’s fourth Japanese tour in 2008, she requested to make a record with Nikaido, and a collaborative was later materialized in Kyoto and Lake Biwa with recording engineer Takeshi Azuma. The self-titled release includes impressive free-form sessions at Azuma's Tonraum Studios and Lake Biwa. Also included in the album are live sessions from O'Neil's fifth Japanese tour of 2010 which were recorded at the Guggenheim House in Kobe.

Tara Jane O'Neil: Guitar, Voice, Percussion, Bass, Thumb Piano, Drums, Melodica

Kazumi Nikaido: Voice, Percussion, Recorder,

Geoff Seoul: Percussion, Sounds, Guitar

Koryo Saito: Cello

Norio Fukuda: Percussion, Sounds

Recorded by Takeshi Azuma and Tara Jane O'Neil

Mixed by Tara Jane O'Neil

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

Remastered by Tsutomu Motoyama

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